Voreda was established in August 2008 by Chris Dancer and Steven Dykes.

Voreda is a property developer and investor, targeting projects across a range of real estate sectors, specialising in institutional partner relationships. Voreda’s preference is to invest equity directly or through joint venture or partnership structures with landowners and end-users either as principal or funding partner.

The Voreda team first came together in 2003 at London Merchant Securities plc (LMS – FTSE 250 property company) and over the subsequent four years, successfully generated substantial added value for the company through a combination of pro-active development management and identifying and securing new business opportunities.

The culmination of this work resulted in the sale of LMS to create a £2.5bn property company, Derwent London plc, now the largest Central London REIT.

Voreda are a focused team with combined and proven experience of over 50 years gained in strategic land assemblies, zoning and planning initiatives, development, investment, asset management and finance.

This broad range of expertise provides Voreda and our stakeholder partners with a depth of experience and financial know-how that can swiftly appraise opportunities and deliver value added solutions to all stages of the development and investment process. To date, Voreda has invested in 100,000 sqm of development projects with a gross development value in excess of £500m.